Here is a list of some of our successful products that have helped transform businesses. Further projects can be found on our Expertise page.

underfloor inspection robot

Underfloor inspection Robots

Tagline: Making underfloor inspections easier, safer and more efficient. Using high quality lights and cameras, the robot sends a live feed to an inspector sitting at a remote location.

xLab’s underfloor inspection robots have revolutionized the way underfloor inspection is carried out. These robots are robust, equipped with modern equipment and can work well on all terrains. The high quality cameras and powerful lighting provides live feed to the inspector who can also save the video for later use. The differential drive enables the robots to turn on its axis, allowing you to navigate it with ease and access all parts of the area being inspected.

Solar Power Station with Surveillance

Solar Power Station with Surveillance

Tagline: Video Surveillance powered by solar energy A solar power station that facilitates video surveillance in remote areas, crisis areas or areas without power. Apart from being a great tool for security, it is also typically used in construction and farming industries.

Movement sensors activate the time-lapse video and images are uploaded to a cloud storage, meaning the operator can view any type of activity from any remote location. Infra-red night vision cameras make the device useful at night or in dark places.

The device can be connected via WiFi or sim card. It charges a heavy duty closed cell battery which enables the camera to continue working for weeks without receiving any solar light.

Tourism Kiosk

Tagline: Providing a personalized service and a great experience to tourists through Kiosks placed around the city.

Software was developed for a potential pilot programme with the tourism information network i-Site. It served multiple kiosks placed strategically around the city to help tourists.

The software was named ‘Easy Book’ and allows tourists to search for information such as available accommodation, city tours, day trips, etc. and add their desired packages to a wish list. They can then call a kiosk operator to get any questions answered and book the packages they selected. Since the operator can view the tourists’ info in real time, he can easily push back important messages and information to the customers.

The major benefit of the software to i-Site is a reduction in customer acquisition cost and relieving the front line staff from stress during the peak season. In this way, it allows the company to capture more tourist dollars while offering a great service and experience to tourists.

Power Meter

Power Meter

Tagline: Real-time power meter to show instantaneous power consumption in houses.

Development of a modern and innovative real-time power meter that shows instantaneous power consumption in houses. It is easy to install and does not require any wiring whatsoever.

Electric Flywheel exercise machine for high performance sports

Tagline: An app and electronics to help high performance athletes with overloaded and constant resistance training without needing any extra help.

Development of an app and the necessary electronics to compliment an exercise machine that provides overloaded and constant resistance training to high performance athletes.

High performance athletes requite overloaded eccentric training but such training is difficult to achieve in the gym. It not only requires additional help but can also be extremely dangerous. To overcome this, a motor and electronics were added to flywheel resistance gym equipment to overload the eccentric portion of the exercise.

The equipment consisted of a powerful DC motor, 100 amp power supply, motor controller, rotation sensor, electronics and communication over WiFi to an app. The app itself was developed to work on different platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Max, and Linux. Moreover, it can easily be installed from any web browser. The rotation sensor feeds the app which then displays various user statistics such as force, power, speed, etc. thus helping the athlete in his training.

data logger

Wifi Data logger

Tagline: A solar powered data logger that can provide consistent data over a longer period of time.

A solar power data logger was developed which tracked sensor data over a period of time and transmitted it over long range wifi. It utilized solar cells that ensured it could be used for a longer period of time. Even the battery had a six months reserve time. This allowed the data logger to be left out in harsh climates without needing any maintenance or battery replacements.

It used long range wifi to easily capture data. It can be used in many applications such as monitoring food temperature in food processing, monitoring buildings, environment testing and scientific and industrial research.